New York, New York

Times Square – thousands of people at 10 am ~ Milica Puric ~ Even before I saw New York I was intrigued by this city. I have heard so many stories about it, listened to so many songs, seen so many movies and series, read so many books about it… I knew I have to […]

Dobrila Pintar – master of glass jewelry and sculptures

Artist Dobrila Pintar never gave up on her dreams. As an economist she was working for years in banks and small, boring offices which suffocated her, while all the time she was striving for art where her innate creativity could be express. Her enthusiasm, determination and persistence paid off and today she is  respected American […]

Country singer Stefani Rose about her life and music

Country singer Stefani Rose started to sing even before she started to talk. Her first audience were her dolls, and later they got replaced by people from her dad’s diving club, people in the Serbian church in Arizona, children in a theater, beauty pageants and commercials. Stefani Rose was born in Las Vegas. She moved […]