Doctor for the jazz – Dimitrije Vasiljevic, composer and pianist

Dimitrije Vasiljevic, composer and pianist, who works and lives in New York for years recently defended his doctoral dissertation ‘Jazz Piano Counterpoint’ at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and officially became a Doctor of Musical Arts in jazz piano performance. Moreover, he became the first doctor of jazz piano in the history of his country […]

Ilija Saula: The art of wise conversation

Writer Ilija Saula with his latest book  ‘Boulevard of Light’ (photo by Dani Blue) After five published books of poetry, Ilija Saula — writer, humanist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia — has published his first book of prose, ‘Boulevard of Light: Thoughts About Life.’ This book is a hymn to optimism, light, kindness and all human […]

Sculptor Boban Ilic – Icarus with spread wings

~ Milica Puric~ Almost all the sculptures Boran Ilic makes represent the human body in strong, passionate motion. Every tendon and every muscle is under tension. That’s partially because he sculpts figures of people in flight, musicians, athletes and mythical creatures that hypnotize with their beauty and grace, but it’s mostly because of the material […]

Second Friday’s art – the best party in Chicago

Interesting people, beautiful paintings, great atmosphere – Studio Oh  If you wonder where and when are the best parties in Chicago the answer is easy: they are held every second Friday of the month from 6 pm to 10 pm in the Chicago Art District, centered around South Halsted and 18th Street. At that time , more […]

Milica Paranosic, composer: We’re all immigrants, we’re all people

~ Milica Puric ~ Insert from video spot ‘Nina’ (photo credit by Lara St. John) New Yorker Milica Paranosic, originally from Belgrade, Serbia, is one of the most hardworking and appreciated composers in America. She graduated from the Music Academy in Belgrade as a composer, and after that, she got her master’s degree at the […]

Giorgie Cpajak, ‘The endless wave of life’

~ Milica Puric ~ Giorgie Cpajak at Monterrey, City in Nuevo Leon Mexico Academic sculptor Giorgie Cpajak is a rare artist whose sculptures are placed worldwide, including in China, Japan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, England, and all the way to Mexico. Winner of many prizes and accolades, Cpajak is […]

Decoding David Bowie’s video ‘Lazarus’

The sudden death of David Bowie, one of the biggest music stars in modern history, shook up the entire world on January 10th last year. A very few people knew that he was sick and being a very private person he didn’t want the public to know anything about it. It is interesting that Bowie […]

Brothers Bala about their movie ‘Love Hunter’

Insert from the movie (photo Bogdan Apetri) – Eleanor Hutchins i Milan Mumin A random passer-by on a street in New York stops a taxi and asks the driver if he is free. And while the driver answers him that he is not, the passenger recognizes the driver Milan Mumin, frontman of the legendary rock […]

Mesmerizing beauty of The Art Institute of Chicago

~ Milica Puric ~ The Art Institute of Chicago – one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States Chicago downtown is one of the most beautiful places in America. It is famous for its architecture, tall skyscrapers whose tops disappear into the clouds, for wide, decorated avenues, luxurious restaurants, beautiful Millennium […]

We will never end – Vladimir Cetkar, New York jazz musician

Smile, talent, positive attitude and energy for life – Vladimir Cetkar  ~ Milica Puric ~   Vladimir Cektar, talented jazz musician, songwriter, and singer, a Macedonian who lives and works in New York, plays and travels all the time. ‘When new people show up on my concert, they think that they will hear something deep […]