~ Milica Puric ~  “Čovek je dvopolno i u najvećoj meri nesvesno psihičko biće. Crni Pigmalion je deo moje najdublje stvaralačke ličnosti koja, kroz moje muško telo i iskustvo muškarca, vizualizuje odnose sa mojim ženskim delom psihe i potisnutom, destruktivnom stranom ličnosti… Još je Karl Gustav Jung to definisao pojmovima Anime i Senke” Ovako govori […]

Tesla Nation, documentary by Zeljko Mirkovic

~ Milica Puric ~ Zeljko Mirkovic, director of documentary Tesla Nation A long time ago, Nikola Tesla, one of the most appreciated inventors in the world, came, as an immigrant, to America to continue his life and work in the new country. Through his devotion to hard work, he became one of the most renowned […]


~ Milica Puric ~  Work in progress – John N. Yaou ‘I spent two years in US Navy military. I have been in Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel and when I came back to the United States, I got involved with the Law enforcement, spent there next 10 years, and through it, enrolled in Art School […]

Mano Divina Giannone, concert thereminist: Playing angelic music in the air

~ Milica Puric ~  Mano Divina, composer and musician from Philadephia – photographed on his birthday by Dan Webb He is delicately moving his right and left hands in the air right above the strange device that produces beautiful, angelic music similar to the sound of a violin. Without touching any object, Mano Divina Giannone, a […]

Vuk Rsumovic, movie director: “Peace among wolves”

~ Milica Puric ~  Vuk Rsumovic, director of the movie “No One’s Child’ “I could not believe that in 20th century, in the middle of ’80s in the forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia, among wild animals and wolves, hunters have found a wild boy who was later brought to Belgrade for socialization. That story haunted me from […]

Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes: Making beautiful art together

~ Milica Puric ~ Erwin Overes and Dobrila Pintar – a moment of relaxing during their exhibition of ‘Eurydice’ (2014) ~ Milica Puric ~  Whenever creative people unite their imaginations, visions, and talents, the results are amazing. That’s exactly what artist Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes have done several times in the past, creating impressive glass […]

ZORAN VELIMANOVIC: The Night before great events

~ Olivera Bjekic ~ Zoran Velimanovic, photo credit Nebojsa Babic Over 6,000 people visited the September exhibition “Fantastic 6”, and even 2,000 attended the opening night. It tells us that we are highly qualified and that people are looking forward to seeing the figurative painting, classical canvas, and exhibitions, rather than performances. There are a […]

Martin Bernstein, installation artist: His life in a Sesame cave

~ Milica Puric ~  Artist Martin Bernstein in his Sesame cave studio  I met artist Martin Bernstein one summer evening at crowded Zhou Brothers Art Center in Chicago. It was the third Friday of the month, the time, when artists who have their own studios in the building open their doors to visitors. That night building […]

Revealing the mystery: Is Robert Del Naja real Banksy?

‘Girl and balloon’, London, 2002, probably one of the most famous Banky’s artwork not only because of the red heart balloon floating in the wind ,but because of a small quote on the wall We all know that the hidden identity of Banksy, one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world, is one of the […]