Banksy – the coolest, uninvited guest at Venice Biennale

~ Milica Puric ~

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Recognizable Banksy’s graffiti style – war, refugees and children suffering

“Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason, I’ve never been invited,” said graffiti artist Banksy in his video post on Instagram on Tuesday, May 22, about ongoing Venice Biennale in Italy. He posted a short video of him (or someone who could be him) selling artworks on the Grand Canal in Venice and talking to more or less curious bystanders and policemen who asked him for the permit to sell his artwork on the street.

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“Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale…”

Within just a few hours, nearly two million people viewed his video and left more than 11,000 comments. “Legend”, “Never gets it wrong”, “Thank you from the Venetians”, “Maybe you’ve never been I’ve been invited here because you live very deep in our hearts, so they could not find you “, “You rule without rules”. These emotional comments are just some of the posts his fans wrote on his page giving him undivided support. 

Bansky komentari citalaca

Within just couple oh hours more that 11,000 people wrote on Banksy’s Instagram page giving him undivided support for his activism and artwork 

With this Tuesday video, the most elusive British graffiti artist, pretty much confirmed his presence in Venice. People were already speculated about it during last several days after the mural of a migrant child with a neon pink flare appeared on the wall of the old Venetian building, right above the water, in the Dorsoduro area in Venice. 


“Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale.”

Since that mural emerged on the wall of decrepit building, the entire art world, media, Banksy’s admirers, and Venetians,  eagerly waited for the confirmation that the migrant little girl is his work and that he is indeed somewhere in the town. These assumptions were strongly based not only on Bansky’s recognizable graffiti style, but more on the dominant theme in his latest work – war, refugees and children suffering.


The most mysterious and elusive graffiti artist in the world

His short video on Instagram confirmed that he is indeed in Venice, but not as an invited guest at Venice Biennale, more as a gerila artist and intruder.
But, he also proved that his art installation is the most original, despite the fact that he goes against the establishment and its rules. 


One more time, he tricked art establishment and showed them that he is, again, one step ahead of everyone.


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