Spectacular Coldplay concert in Chicago


One of the most popular bands of our time ‘Coldplay’ made a spectacular concert at Soldier Field in Chicago on August 17th. That was a part of his ‘Head Full of Dreams’ worldwide tour, which kicked off in Buenos Aires on 31 March 2016.


Soldier Field at about 7 pm – two hours before spectacular concert 

The audience will remember Coldplay concert by amazing light effects, fireworks, confetti, colorful balloons, but the most amazing moment was at the very beginning when Chris Martin started singing and the stadium just lighted up thanks to flashing wristbands on people’s wrists. The color on wristbands (people got on the Soldier Field entrances) changed during entire concert, matching every song and illuminating the crowds and space. They created the unforgettable and visually stunning show.

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Another phenomenal moment was when Chris Martin and other guys suddenly, after a couple moments of complete darkness, showed up at the other side of Soldier Field on the other, small stage.


Dark clouds surrounded above the stadium, but fortunately, just a few raindrops fell down on the cheerful audience. Chris Martin said that it’s raining every time when he is in Chicago.


The concert ended up with spectacular fireworks.


You can see the atmosphere here.





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  1. Anonymous

    It was a great concert and an absolute blast! Coldplay is one of my favorite groups! Chris Martin is just wonderful!


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