Prometheus is bringing fire to mankind, statue, Rockefeller Center, NYC

Wise words of wisdom from Greek mythology:

‘For when the gods truly wish to destroy a man they first make him angry. From a position of anger he can be swayed towards all things.
He can be made to act dishonorably for the sake of honor.
He can be made to destroy when making would better serve his purpose.
He can be made to break his bow upon the rocks, to reign in too much, to go too far, to wade in without care, or to retreat in disgust when victory is but there feet forward.
Through anger, a man can be made to forget himself.
Thus, when you come upon the anger know it as a monster sent forth by the gods not to wound but to kill.
Do what is most appropriate. Cut off it’s head and shove it aside’.

~ Pallas and Athena in conversation ~

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