Second Friday’s art – the best party in Chicago

1. Oh Gallery

Interesting people, beautiful paintings, great atmosphere – Studio Oh 

If you wonder where and when are the best parties in Chicago the answer is easy: they are held every second Friday of the month from 6 pm to 10 pm in the Chicago Art District, centered around South Halsted and 18th Street. At that time , more than 20 galleries open their doors to the public and art fans.

3. Sculptor Erwin Overes, at his Studio Oh beside Japanese kimono made of glass, which he did with artist Dobrila Pintar

Sculptor Erwin Overes, at his ‘Studio Oh’ besideTeresa Hofheimer’s painting (right) and glass Japanese kimono (left) he did with artist Dobrila Pintar 

These Friday evening hours are always the most exciting time in this unique part of Chicago.

4. Oscar Luis Martinez

Visitors at Oscar Luis Martinez exhibition

These are the moments when everybody has an opportunity to meet artists, see their artwork, chat and get to know them, meet the gallery owners, make professional or friendly contacts, and spread their own professional network.


‘Walk the line’, Teresa Hofheimer

This is the time when the night life in this area comes together with vibrancy and creativity.


Experiment with jeans on the wall

Groups of people walking from gallery to gallery, happily chatting, laughing, getting to know each other, commenting on the exhibitions and exploring new galleries in that area. There is a lot of excitement, and the atmosphere is always great!


Emotional painting of old women who are pretending to have their own weddings. All of them were so called ‘comfort women’ who were forced into sexual slavery for Japanese soldiers during World War 2 

And speaking of nights full of action, the second Friday of October is the most exciting Friday for the entire year. This is when the Art District gathers the largest number of artist for the year and it is evident by the throngs of visitors. Although it seems that last October had fewer galleries than in previous years, there still were many art lovers dropping in the galleries in small and large groups.


Portrait of hidden healers


Palestinian gallery – one of the many galleries that have opened the door to numerous visitors


The best party in the city – Interesting people, conversation and art works 


Different forms of art expression

11. Workshop

One of many art studios at Art district in the Chicago Art District, South Loop Chicago

4. Vivid Palestinian gallery

Vivid, creative interior of a Palestinian gallery 


A lot of young people among visitors  

12. Designer and visitors - one of many galleries

Designer and visitors in a lively conversation

3 thoughts on “Second Friday’s art – the best party in Chicago

  1. Jennifer

    I was there and it was great experience! People were walking from one gallery to another, every place was full, there were many interesting, artistic prople. Really, fun, interesting evening…

  2. Anonymus

    Second Friday in October is my favorite day of the year! Galleries are open, people are in good spirits, galleries are offering plenty of beautiful art pieces…

  3. Anonymous

    Second Fridays are always great walking parties. love them, good opportunity to meet people and have fun…


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