Jewelry design: Handmade ceramic orange and silver beads bracelet


We, Urban Culture Tribe, are passionate about aesthetics and art and according to that we  support artistic performances and we want to present original designs and artists to the public view and opinion.
We are very passionate about creativity and artistic imagination and we know that art is the way of making this world more humane and better place. That’s why we created this place to be an oasis of beauty, vision, talent, creativity and inspiration. This is a place for artist and designers.


Creating jewelry is one of our passion and we present today Chic Trendy Beast jewelry. e have here gorgeous hand-made bracelet inspired by the antique jewelry. Made of orange ceramic beads and silver beads it brings excitement and elegance. It is excellent in combination with a sophisticated dress for special evening occasions or for joyful summer days.


We especially like this bright orange color because this color brings feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange is also a color of Halloween and represents the changing colors of leaves and the end of summer. That’s inspired our creative designers to create this delightful and elegant necklace made from ceramic orange beads and bright silver beads.


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