Fashion: Hand-made unique bracelets


There are so many creative, original and unique people who express themselves on thousands of different ways.


Hand-made unique black and white bracelet ($30)

Some of them dance, some of them paint, some of them sing and some of them act, but there are many of them who make jewelry.


Hand-made ceramic crystal beads bracelet ($30)

Also, there are many of them who carry their need to be creative their all life. We introduce some of them here on our website Urban Culture Tribe.


Hand-made unique multi colored bracelet ($30)

Please, take a look and familiarize yourself with these wonderful, hand-made bracelets inspired by grandma’s Jewelry box.


Hand-made ceramic white/ten/blue bracelet ($30)

They are beautiful in combination with black, white or silver clothes. They are also unique pieces of jewelry made by our independent designers.


Hand-made, sophisticated and unique bracelet  (each $30)


Hand-made ceramic white/ten/blue necklace ($40)

Hand-made ceramic white/ten/blue bracelet can be combine with the necklace (they cost as a set $55)

They are available at


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