The flower queen of music – Dona Onete, Brazilian singer, guest of Chicago


She walked slowly and with the difficulties. She needed help to get on the stage, but once she gets there, once she sits on the chair in the middle of the stage and starts singing she shines like a queen of Brazilian music. That’s what the audience at Old Town School of Folk Music experienced on September 23rd when remarkable Brazilian singer Dona Onete made her Chicago debut at 78. As a part of traditional World Music Festival in Chicago she performed with her live band ‘Bossa Tres’ and presented songs from her second album ‘Banzeiro’.

That night Brazilian singer brought in windy city an exotic atmosphere of South America. She was dressed in a beautiful, vivid Brazilian colors. She worn colorful, floral dress, Brazilian scarf around her head, a lot of jewelry, but her passion was the most impressive. She was singing one after another dancing song and she made everyone in Old Town School of Folk Music dancing and having a wonderful time. Maybe she was the oldest one over there (even that’s not nice thing to say for any lady) but she was the most energetic of all. She was full of life and love for music and singing.

3Between the songs Dona Onete and the members of  ‘Bossa Tres’ talked only Portuguese language – everybody understood what they were talking about. Together they made an amazing performance and their joyful, cheerful Brazilian music made almost everyone in the audience gleeful. The saxophonist from the band was especially inspiring. He was playing his instrument and at the same time dancing, running on the stage and getting down into the audience just to dance with them.

Discovered by a local band in her hometown, Onete has been singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember. She released her first, debut album in 2014, at the age of 73.  but she is now making up for lost time.

Her experience shines through on Banzeiro, a collection of songs that combine traditional rhythms with buoyant Carribean-inspired melodies, local Bossa Nova act Bossa Tres opens this free World Music Festival concert.

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