La Casa excéntrico (house) – photo tour

There are many interesting places in Arizona, but this old, mystic house located in the timeless Barrio Viejo village is the one of the most amusing places over there. Everything is entertaining in this place: the large dark doors that reminds us of movies about inquisition or cracked pink wall with the religious paintings. Enormous antique […]

Sanja Tomic: Dancing on the walls

‘African blues’ – Africa in Sanja’s backyard   “I had a dream that I was a poet and a warrior, that I was light and darkness, but I was water that swamped warriors boots and turn them into flowers. Africa is black like me, and Africa dances in rhythm of tam-tam, Africa is arousing and […]

Barrio Viejo – Old Tucson

When you enter Barrio Viejo, an old part of Tucson, you have an impression that you are in old Mexico and time has just stopped. Old, simple one floor houses have specific, modest architecture, flat roofs and strong colors. The homes don’t have yards and you have the impression that if you open any of […]

Violeta Saković, dobra vila: uložite energiju u verovanje u sebe

‘Ja sam nastojala da pronađem svoj talenat, gradim sopstvene vrednosti i pronadjem svoju sreću’, kaže Violeta Saković ~ Milica Purić ~  Kada je pre nekoliko godina došla iz Ivanjice u Njuork Violeta Saković, učiteljica po profesiji, nije mogla da pretpostavi da će se za par godina njen život promeniti iz korena. Optimistična i otvorena po […]

Fashion, fashion, fashion and boot cuffs

The beauty of boot cuffs and leg warmers Last few seasons boot cuffs, leg warmers and long socks became a ‘must have’ piece of every fashionable woman. If you want your legs to look long and youthful, if you want to have super trendy chic outfit then boot socks are for you. You can wear them […]