Decoding David Bowie’s video ‘Lazarus’

A sudden death of David Bowie, one of the biggest music star in modern history, shook up the entire world on January 10th last year. A very few people knew that he was sick and being very private person he didn’t want public to know anything about it. It is interesting that Bowie released official […]

Brothers Bala about their movie ‘Love Hunter’

Insert from the movie (photo Bogdan Apetri) – Eleanor Hutchins i Milan Mumin A random passer-by on a street in New York stops a taxi and asks the driver if he is free. And while the driver answers him that he is not, the passenger recognizes the driver Milan Mumin, frontman of the legendary rock […]

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago – one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States Chicago is a typical American metropolis. Its downtown is breathtaking – huge skyscrapers, buildings whose tops disappear into the clouds, the streets full of flowers, a beautiful landscaped houses, expensive shops and the beautiful avenues… Downtown Chicago […]

Mano Divina Giannone, concert thereminist – Angelic music of the theremin

Mano Divina – photographed on his birthay by Dan Webb He is delicately moving his right and left hands in the air above the strange, unusual instrument that is called theremin. Without touching anything Mano Divina Giannone produces beautiful, divine music that moved people to tears. He is composer and musician from Philadelphia, and thereminist […]

We will never end – Vladimir Cetkar, New York jazz musician

Smile, talent, positive attitude and energy for life – Vladimir Cetkar  ~ Milica Puric ~   Vladimir Cektar, talented jazz musician, songwriter, and singer, a Macedonian who lives and works in New York, plays and travels all the time. ‘When new people show up on my concert, they think that they will hear something deep […]

‘Tower to the people’ – Joseph Sikorsky’s movie about Nikola Tesla

Joseph Sikorsky made two movies about Nikola Tesla. First one is the documentary ‘Tower to the people’ which tells us about Tesla’s last laboratory, Wardenclyffe laboratory, on the Long Island, about hundred kilometers away from New York. The other movie is ‘Fragments from Olympus’ which we filmed with co-author Michael Calomino. Joseph Sikorsky, director, producer, screenwriter […]

Peace among wolves – Vuk Rsumovic, movie director

Vuk Rsumovic, director of the movie “No One’s Child’ ~ Milica Puric ~  “I could not believe that in 20th century the middle of 80s in the forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina, among wild animals and wolves, hunters have found a wild boy who was later brought to Belgrade for socialization. That story haunted me […]