About Urban Culture Tribe



We love culture, art, traveling and fashion…  

We support education, personal and humankind growth.  

We are passionate about everything that celebrate life and creative life forces. 

We encourage kindness instead of arrogance, trust over cynicism, courage instead of fear, curiosity over lethargy

We are interested in creative way of expressing ourselves. 

We are interested in diversity and differences, not in uniformness.

We celebrate humanity, tolerance and openness.

We want to honor every person and life as beautiful and meaningful.

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If you want to put your name out there and if you want public to know about you and your project – we can help you. If you are at the beginning of developing your project, if you need more press, more attention, more audience – we can help you.  Our journalists write promotional stories, affirmative articles, inspirational interviews, favorable statements and present you, your projects and businesses in the best form.

We publish articles about extraordinary individuals (businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians…), successful businesses, active organizations and products. Our mission is to advertise and promote creative, successful people, culture, art, businesses, healthy lifestyles, sports, science, city events – everything that contributes to a better life and more humane society.

We publish every story on our website www.urbanculturetribe.com and our Facebook page. With the link to our website you can publish it on your website.

This is the beginning of our campaign and we hope we will attract as more people and businesses as possible.

You can email us at urbanculturetribe@gmail.com or here at category Contact Us