Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes: Making beautiful art together


Erwin Overes and Dobrila Pintar – moment of relaxing during their exhibition of ‘Eurydice’ (2014)

Whenever creative people unite their imaginations, visions and talents, the results are amazing. That’s exactly what Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes did. They put together their minds and inspirations and created a few excellent pieces of art — statues of ‘Eurydice’ (2014), ‘Black Swan’ (2015), ‘Haru’ – kimono (2015), ‘Hana’ the geisha head (2015) and ‘Whatever…’ (2016) a transgender head with an elaborate hat made out of glass in 2016.


Stunning Eurydice’s dress is combining more than 2,000 tiny pieces of glass flowers, leaves and buds.

They presented their first joint artwork, ‘Eurydice’, in October 2014 at Studio Oh! in Chicago’s South Loop, and the audience was delighted. Their ‘Eurydice’ was mainly made from glass and wood — two seemingly incompatible materials. Erwin Overes worked with the wood and Dobrila Pintar with the glass. In her studio at Bridgeport Art Center Gallery in Chicago she made the glass items for the dress, combining more than 2,000 tiny pieces of glass flowers, leaves and buds.


Artists Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes cought that tragic, dramatic moment when Eurydice is disappearing and going back to the underground world 

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is one of the saddest love stories from Greek mythology. Orpheus fell in love with the most beautiful of all nymphs, Eurydice, but she stepped on a snake hidden in tall grass and died. To bring her back from the dead, Orpheus went to the underworld. There, he received permission to take his love back, under one condition: On their way back, he must not look at her. Orpheus, however, couldn’t resist. In one moment he looked at his love and violated the command. Eurydice immediately went back to the world of the dead.


Artist Dobrila Pinat is explaining to curios visitors how she and Erwin Overes worked together and created this fabulous sculpture ‘Eurydice’ – at Studio Oh! 

The idea to make the sculpture came from Erwin Overes. He had a piece of wood that reminded him of a woman, so he and Dobrila Pintar thought it would be nice to make a dress for her. They started working together, and after many months they finally caught that tragic moment when Eurydice is disappearing and going back to the underground world.

“This is a very romantic but sad story where the tragedy happened just at the moment everyone expected love,” Erwin Overes said.IMG_0743

Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes presented their second joint artwork, ‘Black Swan’ in October 2015 at Studio Oh!

Their second sculpture, ‘Black Swan’, was presented at Studio Oh! the next year. The story about the ‘Black Swan’ comes from the ballet ‘Swan lake’ and is again a tragic love story. They worked for months on this new sculpture. There was much to be done, and every swan feather had to be specially made. Dorbila Pintar has tried 50 types of different glass feathers and tested numerous shades of white, gray, yellow and black just to find the most appropriate for their sculpture.


Erwin Overes beside ‘Haru’ (springtime) – kimono (left), another sculpture he and Dobrila PIntar created   

“I worked on this sculpture about six months, and it was much harder than working on ‘Eurydice’, where I just played,” said Dobrila Pintar, showing the transformation of colors on the swan glass wings from white to black that symbolizes the swan’s transformation.

Haru (10)

Another phenomenal work of art – ‘Haru’ (springtime) – kimono. Who would say these beautiful pink little roses, leaves and twigs were made from the glass and epoxy clay (twigs)?

“Look at these white and yellowish fluffs. This is the beginning of the wing, and as the legend progresses and the tragic end is more possible, the colors are transforming into dark and black.” Dobrila Pintar said she wanted to give feathers the same authenticity they have in reality. That’s why she added to every feather threads, silver glass to make them look as lifelike as possible. The end result was amazing.

Haru (7)

‘Haru’ (springtime) – kimono. You can almost smell this beautiful, fragile, glass rose and touch the raindrops on it… 

“Erwin Overes and I work well together, and unlike our previous work on Eurydice, where we worked spontaneously, this time we made a plan and precious structure,” Dobrila Pintar said.

You can see their sculptures at the studio, which is owned by Erwin Overes.

Hana (5)

And another fascinating glass art work –  ‘Hana’ (blossom) – the geisha’s head

Dobrila Pintar’s name is well known and respected in Chicago’s art circles, and her unique jewelry made of colored glass and metal is famous in all America. She received many rewards for her work, but one of the most important reward was The Artist of the Month she got in 2012. This recognition has opened the door for her to famous Art Institute of Chicago and connected her with other artists, galleries and curators.

Hana (1)

Every piece of ‘Hana’ (blossom) – the geisha’s head was made from glass

After ‘Eurydice’ and ‘Black Swan’ Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes created together amazing sculptures – ‘Haru’ (springtime) – kimono, and ‘Hana’ (blossom) the geisha’s head. All  her hair ornaments are made out of glass. The bust itself is made with an epoxy clay, the hair is made out of leather.


The last creation of Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes is a captivating sculpture named ‘Whatever….’ 

Their last creation, a captivating sculpture named ‘Whatever….’ is a transgender head with an elaborate hat made out of glass. With this sculpture they showed the fact that people nowadays are more fluid in their sexual identity. These breathtaking red roses and ornaments Dobrila Pintar has made are probably the most beautiful pieces of glass any artist can make.


The best part of this amazing hat are these sophisticated glass red roses

~ Milica Puric ~ 

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  1. Anonymous

    Great story! Their joint work is simply amazing! Never seen sculptures like Eurydice, Black Swan, Geisha or Whatever… You can’t move your eyes from them!!! Excellent!!!

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    That pink little rose and then red roses are beautiful! I can’t imagine that they made them from the glass!

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    I’ve been always fascinated with the story about Eurydice and I am glad to see her sculpture in the glass and wood! Excellent work!!!

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    The statue of transgender guy is simply mesmerizing. I can’t take my eyes off it!!! Others are stunning as well! Dorbila and Oven are great artists, great!!!

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    amazing work, just amazing. The story about Eurydice is so sad, and her sculpture is amazing… She really looks like she is going to underworld… Unbelievable!!

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    the story about Eurydice is for sure one of the saddest story in the Greek mythology. the sculpture is amazing, although others are amazing – Black Swan, geisha


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